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Visa Services
We can process all types of visa for any country on proper documents. Many embassy and chamber of Commerce has given us authorization and certification for visa process and legalization of documents from embassy and consulate.

As Kingdom of Saudi Arabia is a major recruiter for skilled and unskilled Indian personnel's, we offer our services for visa stamping/endorsement for employment, visit, business visit, Residence visa from Saudi Consulate in Mumbai.

We process all trade personnel's visas in which only domestic trade personnel's i.e. house driver, house boy, maid, nurse, and labourers are exempted for Istekdham Wakala. These Visa Wakala can be made through local Javazad (visa office) in Saudi Arabia rest all other trade personnel's require Wakala to be made through recognized Saudi recruitment office (istekdham Wakala).
EMPLOYMENT VISA STAMPING (need the following documents)
  • PROFESSIONAL CERTIFICATE (attested by concerned HRD / Home. MEA & Saudi Embassy)
  • PHOTOGRAPHS (8) (Back White Background, Size - 4 / 6 cm)
Commercial Visit Visa:
  • Electronic invitation letter sent by Saudi Co. through Saudi Chamber of Commerce.
  • Visa form, two white background photographs.
  • Covering Letter (Indian Co. Letter) requesting for the issuance of visa, stating nature of business and Saudi Co. address and telephone number.
  • A recommendation letter from Indian Chamber of Commerce stating nature of business of the Indian Co.
  • Mofa
  • Documents prove business relation between the two (Saudi & Indian) companies like agreement, invoice of the consignment sent to the invite co. etc.
Business Visit Visa:
  • Visit slips.(visa approval no. issued by Saudi Foreign Ministry)
  • Covering Letter (Indian Co. letter)
  • Form, two white background photographs.
  • A recommendation letter from chamber of commerce.
  • Degree or certificate in case of technical categories, like Engineer, Consultant, Programmer system analyst or any other technical category.
  • Mofa
Residence Visa:
  • Visa Slip
  • Visa form to be filled up
  • Two white background photographs.
  • Marriage Certificate (for spouse)
  • Birth Certificate (for children)
  • Medical Certificate (on line)
  • Recent Vaccination certificate for children below 15 years and Medical certificate above 15 years.
  1. Mofa (Mandatory)
  Child Endorsement (New Born)
  • Child visa Endorsement
  • Passport of the child
  • Passport of mother having valid re - entry visa
  • Copy of full pages of Iqama and Passport copy of father
  • Birth certificate copy
  • 4photos in white background Size 6x4 Cm
Re-Entry Extension

·  The re- entry visa have only extended until 7 month from the arrival date of Passenger.
·  Passport old Passport (if basic visa in old Passport)
·  Letter from the sponsor attested by chamber of
·  commerce & MEA
·  Visa Extension Computer print out from Jawasat
·  4 photos in white background Size 6x4 Cm

  • Visa issued from MEA of Kuwait (both copies are required)
  • Passport valid for 6 month
  • 2 Passport size photograph with white background
  • Medical report from G C C approved doctor
  • Police Clearance certificate (PCC) from either Passport
  • office or local police station
  • Driving licence & Experience certificate attested from   MEA in case of profession is Driver
  • Experience certificate attested from MEA in case of   profession is Cook
  • Agreement paper attested by Kuwait ministry
Family Visit Visa
  • Family visit visa Visa slip
  • Original passport valid for 6 month
  • Copy of Passport and Iqama of sponsor
  • 4 photos in white background Size 6 x 4 Cm
  • Copy of Marriage and birth (if child accompanied)
  • Proof of relation to the Sponsor
Business visit visa
  • Business visit visa Visa slip
  • Visa slip/Invitation Letter issued from MEA duly attested by Chamber of commerce
  • Covering letter from the company in which the applicant connected
  • One recommendation letter from chamber of commerce
    to the embassy (where the company registered)
  • Copy of Degree/Diploma in case of technical category
  • Passport along with old Passport (if any) valid 6 month
  • Return ticket (for Bombay consulate only)
  • 4photos in white background Size 6x
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